About Shellfish Fertilizer

Shellfish fertilizers is obtained from broken bones or shells of crustaceans and crabs, etc. It is another thing that is the richest in calcium. It also contains potassium and other useful minerals. Chitin (obtained from shellfish fertilizers) is another useful fibrous material that stimulates the growth of various parasites such as nematodes.

This is left to compost for several months as microorganisms feed on proteins and sugars, turning the pile into rich humus. As the microorganisms feed on the nutrients of the shellfish, they produce heat, which reduces the pathogens, thereby eliminating any unpleasant fish odors and in one that time kills all the trees.

Benefits of using shellfish fertilizers

This is how they use magic. Exoskeletons include crabs, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, and many insects that contain chitin, a quick nitrogen that plants need. Since it does not come out of the soil, it does not pollute waterways like dissolved nitrogen fertilizers.

And not only that. Chitin-eating bacteria and fungi are stimulated and multiply when the shells are embedded in the soil. After they shoot down, they continue to eat some chitinous pests, especially rhizomes, which can lead to bad for many plants.

The shell also contains calcium carbonate, which is the main ingredient in garden lime. Calcium is another important element for plant health and it increases soil pH in acidic environments. Shells of molluscs such as oysters, crustaceans and mussels are also rich in calcium. They don’t break down as easily as crabs, but that’s not the downside. White, shell-shaped calcium tablets that take a while to work.


Farmers who do not live near the coast, which is rich in garbage, can organize activities in the water hotels and ask them to organize them as an equal exchange. But you can also buy dried crabs, bell peppers or canned shrimp.

It is also a good option if the neighbors refuse to waste fresh seafood. (Look for clean bowls with no additives, such as urea.) If they’re not available at your local grocery store, check online sources like Valley Farm Supply.

Shellfish food can be added, grated or smoked just before planting, but it is best to crush the whole shell, turn it into ground and leave it to ferment for a month or so. It is a bad idea to keep them on the ground as you usually do with small crabs when the ground freezes. This flock of sea sheep has a habit of raising the sea and smashing them by throwing them into the rocks on the ground.

Application of shellfish fertilizers

Use 2 tablespoons in each plant hole and mix with the existing soil or add 5 to 10 pounds per 100 square feet. Shellfish is a great active ingredient that you can add to your compost. Microorganisms help the processing of organic fertilizers quickly and efficiently!

If you like seafood, keep canned meat, shellfish or other crustaceans. You can cut them and spread them in the garden. The bark contains a lot of calcium, which works miraculously as a fertilizer for autumn grass.

It is a good alternative to organic fertilizers, which are already placed in the ocean and can overload the organisms.

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