Disc Plough

Introduction About Plough

A Plough is a tool or equipment that is used in agriculture for the initial preparation of the soil for the purpose of sowing or planting to loosen or turn the soil. Wild animals such as cows and horses used to graze the crops, but nowadays, it is usually pulled by tractors. The process of loosening the soil for planting crops is called.

The main purpose of planting is to turn the surface of the soil, bringing new food to the surface, where the grass and the remains of previous crops are buried and allow them to decompose.

Types of Plough

There are different types of plough available to suit different types of landscaping. The different types are listed below:


Disc Plough

A disc pack usually consists of three or more concave discs each placed back to back to achieve maximum depth. Disc harrows are used specifically in areas with hard, dry or grassy soils or overgrown or rocky soils.

The discs cut the surface of the soil to expose it to fresh air and sunlight, which helps increase nutrients in the soil. It also increases the water absorption capacity of the soil.

Moldboar Plough

The plowshare is a broad blade that cuts the soil. This type of plow is used to cut a furrow in the soil.

These cut trees leave a gap by throwing earth on both sides. It is used in new areas to prepare it for agriculture to solve the waste situation.

Revolving Moldboard

A cultivator is an essential agricultural tool used to completely turn the soil and bring new, nutrient-rich soil to the surface for planting. The remnants of the first crop are buried in the grass so that they do not stop the growth of the new crop.

Disc harrows

Disc harrows, also known as harrow plows or single disc harrows, usually have a disc harrow mounted on an axle. These are used when harvesting corn to leave some straw to reduce wind erosion.

Cultivation is very important because it helps in increasing the fertility of the soil and crops are agricultural machinery which is very useful for the farmers. A farmer can choose from a variety of types that will suit his land and the crops he wants to prepare.

Plough Repair and Maintenance:

In standard disc standard and vertical disc plows, the width of the cut can be changed by changing the angle between the center and the bottom of the wheel axle to move the entire center to a horizontal plane.

The sides of the disk are also changed in this way. A 40° to 45° disc angle provides the smallest amount of paper for a given width.

The various settings on the disc drive affect the depth of cut, width of cut and ground clearance as shown below:

  • Penetration is improved by increasing the disc angle.
  • Internal storage is improved by reducing the demand side of a standard disk.
  • The penetration is improved by adding a weight to the fight.
  • The width of the cut is adjusted by adjusting the angle between the lower and middle wheel axle.

Different parts are used for Plough

In front of the carcass of the crop can be a cover, this is either a cutting disk or a knife set to make the bones straight in line and flat part of the crop.

The borders are not important and the land that is planted with firewood is the last one worked a year ago, they are necessary for turning the strong grass. To help bury the weeds, a skimmer can be placed behind the coulter.

This is a small moldboard that cuts a shallow cut in the top and casts it so that the edge of the turf is not visible after passing through. At the edge of the lawn it is cut in rows to the prescribed depth, and a piece of soil is raised on a turning board.

Everything must be in line, sharp and stable, otherwise the tractor will have more work to do.

What are the benefits of using a Plow? The main reasons are listed below

The first reason is to reach a deep seed level for effective penetration. It adds more humus and fertility to the soil by covering grass and minerals.

It destroys unwanted weeds. It gives the soil a condition to breathe quickly and the air can pass through the soil quickly.
The seeds are able to create good contact with the soil. Insects and their eggs are destroyed.

The surface reaches such a state of wind erosion that is rare. Now that we have learned the main benefits of gardening, let’s find out when is the right time to plant.

This is a very important research project and the yield of the crop is often dependent on the quality of the seed and the early stage. Many factors should be considered during this process. The main points are:

During the rainy season, if the crops are cultivated early, it helps to maintain crops and reduces unwanted weeds. These herbs are then turned into food, which eventually gets a whole lot of value.

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