Karela– also known as bitter gourd and momordica charantia. It’s miles a vine plant that offers a dietary inexperienced vegetable

it’s far a healthy vegetable inside the global that has been used in lots of health issues for a long term. A bitter gourd this is virtually acquainted as a summer season staple vegetable. It is cultivated as an fit to be eaten vegetable round the world and tremendously used n asian delicacies. The shape of the vegetable varies like long, short, bumped, non-bumped, light green, dark inexperienced and lots of more. Like chinese kareals are 8 inches long while indian karela is 4 inches lengthy. The length varies with the u . S . And weather exchange. It may be very sharp in flavour, and sour in taste. Because of its sour taste, it is beneficial for health problems. Properly, it has white flesh with seeds and inexperienced outside. The flesh is greater bitter in flavor, this is why it’s far eliminated even as utilized in cuisine or the scientific world. The fruit is frequently eaten green.

Nutritional Value of Karela

bitter gourd or karela is low in energy. One hundred grams of sour gourd gives about 19 energy of strength. Round 3. 5 grams of carbohydrates and a couple of. Four grams of fibre are present in a hundred grams of karela even as it consists of best 150 mg of fat and 930 mg of proteins. It also has a excessive water content material of 87 grams. Karela is wealthy in nutrition a and nutrition c. Minerals like potassium, folate, zinc and iron are also found in karela. Antioxidants like catechin, gallic acid, epicatechin and chlorogenic acid are received from karela, which facilitates to maintain us loose from many illnesses.

Bitter gourd plant: the way to develop

  • plant seeds in loamy, properly-draining soil that has been amended with compost or antique manure, approximately 12 inches deep. To hasten germination, bitter gourd seeds can also be soaked overnight. Immediately sow the moistened seeds within the lawn, then cover them with soil. Keep at least 12 to fifteen inches among every plant. Find out more approximately seed germination right here.
  • hold a uniform moisture level within the soil until germination takes vicinity. Sour gourds are cultivated in the hot summer season months, so after the seedlings are established, the soil will need steady watering. In containers, soil dries pretty more quickly. Consequently, it’s crucial to often check the soil with the top of your fingertips and gently water if it feels dry. Trellising is important if you want to grow bitter gourd vines vertically in contact.
  • At the time of planting, erect a strong trellis this is at least 5 to 6 toes lengthy. Vertical cultivation of sour gourds additionally aids in preserving the fruit’s shape.
  • to enhance fruiting and reduce plant sprawl, routine facet shoot pruning is likewise essential.
  • like the general public of cucurbits, sour gourds are vulnerable to pests like fruit flies, cucumber beetles, and aphids. Maintain a watchful eye to your vines and reduce them down by way of hand or with a neem oil spray if important. To hold pests beneath control, pull out any weeds around the sour gourd plant. Ladybugs and other useful insects for gardens are beneficial in pest management.

Developing season


sour gourd is a summer season crop and you could without problems grow this plant in tropical to subtropical regions where temperature typically stages from 24 to 35 tiers celsius. They develop nicely from past due april to july in india. If you are growing this plant in another us of a then attempt to grow them whilst the common temperature of your area suits nearly to the desired temperature range for increase of this plant.


they produce yellow-coloured male and lady flowers. Flowering will begin in 5 to 6 weeks after planting of your gourds. Female plant life have a tiny melon similar to shape at the bottom of the bloom.

Natural pollinators usually pollinate your plant life and the fruit drop is hardly ever reported on this plant. But in severe cases, in case you are noticing flower formation but no fruit formation within some days then attempt hand pollination to get high fruit yield.

Health Advantages of Karela

Good For diabetics

sour gourd has a compound that capabilities just like insulin. In fact, ‘karela and diabetes’ are regularly coined collectively! It reduces the blood glucose degrees in each type i and kind ii diabetes. Consuming a tumbler of karela juice is so effective that diabetes sufferers want to reduce the dosage in their drugs. In reality, it may also help control gestational diabetes. What’s gestational diabetes? It is a form of diabetes that is first detected in pregnant girls who did not have diabetes earlier than they had been pregnant. Bitter gourd can certainly be included in the diet for gestational diabetes.

Weight management

karela aids in weight loss as it’s far low in energy and fibre-wealthy. It stops the formation and boom of adipose cells, those that save fat within the body. It improves metabolism, and the antioxidants help detoxify the frame main to the discount in fat.

Benefits for Eyes

karela is wealthy in nutrition a and save you cataract and strengthens imaginative and prescient. It even lightens dark circles. Additionally, read 10 ingredients which are exact for eye health. Mild your karela intake to beat back diarrhoea and belly pain. Also, pregnant girls have to keep away from eating karela as it results in uterine contractions.


reducing extra weight is essential if you need to live in shape and keep away from pointless illnesses. However, this interest is less complicated said than completed. Ask every body who is trying to reduce their weight and you’ll listen an hour of rant of ways it’s reducing at a snail’s pace even after a strict weight loss plan.

Even as exercise is a must, there is one component you can add for your ordinary in an effort to facilitate weight reduction- karela. It’s miles low in carbohydrates, fats and energy, therefore making weight management easy as your urge of consuming at ordinary durations is quelled to a sure quantity. It additionally stimulates the liver for production of acids that increase metabolism in our frame.

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